Economic Plan Recovery

Organisation: 8th Constitutional Government
Language: English
Published Date:

COVID-19 disease has brought profoundly negative effects on the world economy. Ti- mor-Leste naturally was not immune to the sudden stoppage that nations had to make in their economies to fight this new disease. The weaknesses of the world economy and the development models of each country were too exposed, putting to the test their own capac- ities to deal with this great threat to public health.
At the beginning of the pandemic, the 8th Constitutional Government defined a set of nine- teen measures aimed to mitigate the negative impact of this new reality on households and businesses. However, with the prolonged presence of the pandemic, the social consequenc- es and the global economic crisis demanded more robust medium- / long-term measures from the Government, in order to recover from the crisis as quickly as possible, and in a sus- tainable manner. To this end, the Commission for the Preparation of the Economic Recovery Plan was created, to support Timor-Leste economic recovery by creating a clear, objective and realistic plan.